Anagram Maker

Get a cool nickname by rearranging the letters in your name or any word

How it works

Anagrams are words created by rearranging the letters of other words. You can make anagrams yourself by writing out some words and then rearranging the letters through trial and error. However, that’s a time-consuming task. That’s why our free Anagram Maker system is what you need!

An anagram maker can be a fun toy, but it can also be a useful tool. For example, if you enter your name into this tool, you’ll likely get a few different anagrams back. These anagrams will be easy for you to remember because they’re made up of the letters in your name. Simultaneously, they’ll be difficult for people to crack, making them useful for passwords, usernames, or identity verification questions.

How does this anagram maker work?

We recommend entering your name into the text box to test out this free service. Your name can be up to 30 characters, including letters, spaces, and hyphens.

Once you’ve entered your name, hit the GENERATE button. Our service will quickly parse out the letters in your name and then recombine them into anagrams. Most full names (first, middle, and last) will produce about a dozen different anagrams.

If you’d rather not use your name, that’s no problem. The Anagram Maker works with any words you throw at it. Try out the city in which you were born, the name of your favorite film, or even the make and model of your car.

Regardless of your input, you can copy any outputted anagrams using the COPY button. You can also favorite some of the best ones by hitting the STAR button. This saves the anagrams to a list, which you can see by hitting the SAVED IDEAS button.

You can do multiple searches for different anagrams and continue building your list. The list will not erase no matter how many searches you do.

When you’re done, hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then hit DOWNLOAD (to save a text file) or DELETE ALL (to start over again).