Username Generator

Use AI to quickly generate a unique username or nickname with just a few clicks using the tools provided below.

How It Works

For huge stars on YouTube, Twitch, and other social platforms, their usernames are more well-known than their real names. PewDiePie, MrBeast, MKBHD, Ninja, and more have become major celebrities — but you probably don’t know their actual names. This is why having a memorable username is so important! But if you are stuck on figuring out a moniker for yourself, our username generator can help.

Username Generator: How these tools work

On this page, you’ll see 10 totally free online tools that can help you generate a username. You do not need to register or give us your email to use these tools. Additionally, you can use any of these services as much as you like without cost!

Where you start depends on what kind of name you want. Do you want something visually arresting? The Weird Text Generator might be good to try. Would you rather have something silly and fun? Check out the Gibberish Username Generator, as you might get some over-the-top ideas there.

Regardless of which tool you choose, they don’t require much effort on your part. Some will automatically deliver you a list of name options right when you click it. Others will ask you to input some simple text strings to give it something to start with, such as your first name, a word, or maybe a pair of words.

We also have an extra tool here which is the Password Generator. This won’t help you generate a useful or memorable username, but it will help you when you’re securing your username on various social networks. Remember: your username is going to be your identity, so don’t lock it behind an easily-cracked password!

Use these username generation tools efficiently!

No matter which tool you try, there are certain things that will be universal across them all. You’ll eventually get a long list of two dozen potential username ideas. This might seem overwhelming at first, but we have included features to help you stay organized.

Next to each potential name will be two buttons: a COPY button and a STAR button. The COPY button copies that username to your clipboard. If you hit the button, you’ll be able to paste the username anywhere you like. This could be helpful for making a list of potential names you’re considering.

However, the STAR button might make creating your own list unnecessary. If you hit the STAR button, it will add that username to your SAVED IDEAS tool. You can feel free to add as many usernames to this tool as you like. If you want to see your list, you can hit the SAVED IDEAS button. In this section, you can hit the DOWNLOAD button, which saves all your ideas to a text document. You can also hit the DELETE ALL button to start over from scratch.

You can feel free to create more potential usernames while using this feature. Your saved ideas will not reset. However, you can only save ideas for individual tools. In other words, if you save some ideas using the Pen Name Generator tool, those ideas will not appear on your SAVED IDEAS list for the Nickname Finder tool.

Our advice would be to use a tool to create a great list of saved ideas. When finished, download the text file with those ideas and then open another tool. Download your saved ideas from that tool and then repeat this procedure as many times as necessary. In the end, you’ll have several text files you can easily work with to figure out what the best username choice would be!

Is it safe to generate usernames with these tools?

All our tools are completely safe and secure. We will never ask for personally identifiable information from you. We don’t require registration, so your personal data remains safe. Also, our server regularly purges all data, so anything you enter into our text fields for name generation will not be saved. You can use our services without worry!

Our top 5 tips for picking a great username or gamertag

Be unique — You don’t want your username to be forgettable. “Tom1234” is not going to stick in people’s heads the same way “PewDiePie” does. Try to go with something that looks, sounds, or means something unique!

Keep it simple — When you generate a username, you don’t want to get excessive when it comes to length and complexity. Doing so could cause two problems. The first is that you might need to truncate it to fit certain platforms, such as Twitter, which only allows 15 characters for a handle. The second potential problem is being memorable, as longer usernames will be trickier for your audience to remember. In other words, keep it as short as possible!

Check ahead — If you have a potential idea for a username, don’t commit to it until you’ve checked for its availability. Take a look at YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to see if someone else is already using that name or gamertag. If it’s taken, you might want to go with something very different. You don’t want to be accused of trying to piggyback on the success of someone else, and you certainly don’t want someone piggybacking off you in the future!

Brand yourself — Remember that you want to generate a username that fits your branding. If you’re going to position yourself as funny, silly, and lighthearted, a username like “DarkLord666” isn’t going to match well. Don’t confuse your potential audience!

Remember different languages — Just because a username or gamertag sounds great in English doesn’t mean it will carry over to other languages. Simple words like “family” and “magazine” have very different meanings across other languages. When you pick a username, try to ask friends of yours who speak other languages if it makes sense, or even post something online and ask for help. This could prevent you from accidentally picking a weird or possibly even offensive username!