Weird Text Generator

This tool will write your nickname in the form of cool readable characters

How it works

Do you think your name looks boring when you type it out? Why not make it ẅệïŕď? Using our Weird Text Generator, you can convert the “normal” letters in your name (or any other word) into strange-but-readable characters.

How bizarre your name or word looks is up to you. Our service will give you dozens of options from which to choose, with some being quite normal and others being almost unreadable. Best of all, this service is 100% free for you to use without any registration. There’s no software to download either, so have fun!

Weird Text Generator: How does it work?

To begin using this free tool, you’ll want to enter a word or words into the text box. We recommend starting with your first name, but any word is fine. The only limitations are that the characters you enter must be traditional letters, numbers, or spaces (i.e., no punctuation).

Once you’ve entered your word(s), hit the GENERATE button. Instantly, our server will convert your entry into a few dozen weird versions.

If you spot one you like, hit the STAR button. This adds that version of your entry to your SAVED IDEAS list. As you scroll through the pages, feel free to add as many of the weird text versions to your list as needed. If you spot one you don’t want to add to the list but want to save somewhere else, hit the COPY button instead of the STAR button.

If you want to search for more words, hit the “X” button in the text box to clear your entry. Put in some new words and hit GENERATE again. Don’t worry: your SAVED IDEAS list will not be erased if you do this.

When you have a list of ideas you feel is complete, hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then hit DOWNLOAD. This will grab a text file with all the words in their weird versions. If you want to start a new list, hit the DELETE ALL button and start again.