Password Generator

Use our tool for crafting complex, secure passwords and unique usernames, ensuring your online security.


How it works

Are you having trouble coming up with secure passwords? Let our Password Generator do the work for you! You don’t need to waste time trying to figure out how to include a number, special character, and capitalized letter into your password anymore. Our service can create passwords of varying strengths automatically.

Remember that password security isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Username security is just as important! This password generation tool can also be used to create strong usernames. Either way, the service is totally free!

Password Generator: How does it work?

You’ll see a pre-loaded list of a dozen potential passwords when you load this page. These will be of “good” strength, meaning they are semi-secure. “Good” passwords are not super long and are made up mostly of letters.

If you want some stronger passwords, that’s no problem. Select the STRONG PASSWORD option using the dropdown menu and then hit the GENERATE button. Instantly, our server will give a dozen complex passwords. “Strong” passwords are longer and include more special characters, which makes them more difficult to guess — and, thus, more secure.

You can also use the dropdown to generate a list of “weak” passwords. We don’t recommend using this option to create passwords. However, this tool would be great for creating usernames since they are shorter and easier to remember.

Regardless of your password/username strength, when you spot a generated text string you like, hit the COPY button, which is the icon that looks like two rectangles on top of each other. With your password/username copied, you can paste it wherever needed.

If you get a list of passwords but aren’t happy with any of them, be sure to hit the GENERATE MORE button. This will create another dozen text strings at the strength you previously designated. Feel free to hit the GENERATE MORE button as much as you like, as our tool has no limit to how many passwords you can create.