Use our tool for crafting complex, secure passwords and unique usernames, ensuring your online security.

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How It Works

Are you having trouble coming up with secure passwords? Let our Password Generator do the work for you! You don’t need to waste time trying to figure out how to include a number, special character, and capitalized letter into your password anymore. Our service can tailor the complexity of passwords to your preferences, offering easy to say, easy to read, or all characters options for maximum security.

Remember that password security isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Username security is just as important! This password generation tool can also be used to create strong usernames. Either way, the service is totally free!

Password Generator: How does it work?

When you access this page, you can customize your password type by selecting from options such as lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and symbols, and set the desired password length. The default settings will provide you with a strong combination of all characters for optimal security.

If you're aiming for passwords that roll off the tongue, the "Easy to say" option is your go-to. It generates passwords utilizing phonetically distinct words or syllables, which makes them a breeze to pronounce and share verbally. This is particularly useful for passwords that need to be read aloud or remembered without complex sequences.

On the flip side, if you need something that's clear and unambiguous on paper or screen, the "Easy to read" option has got you covered. It excludes characters that can be easily confused, like the number '0' and the letter 'O', ensuring that each password can be read correctly at a glance — ideal for those moments when clarity is just as crucial as complexity.

Once you’ve configured your preferences, hit the GENERATE button. Our server will promptly create a password that matches your specified criteria.

Regardless of your selected settings, if you find a generated password or username that suits your needs, you can easily copy it with the COPY button. Paste your new password or username wherever you need it.

If the generated list doesn't quite meet your standards, don't hesitate to generate more. With a single click, our tool will produce a fresh set of options based on your selected strength settings. And don't worry about running out of tries — there's no limit to the number of passwords you can create with our tool.