Mix Words

This tool will help you mix a few words and get an unusual username

How it works

When it comes to crafting unique and secure usernames, a tool that could automatically mix words would be incredibly helpful. This would allow you to create complex usernames that are still memorable specifically to you. Luckily, the tool on this page does just that, and it’s completely free to use with no downloads, no registration, and no limits to how often you use it.

But why would you even need a secure username? Usernames are just like passwords: if they are easy to guess, they are not secure. Whenever possible, you should be trying to craft usernames that would be difficult for someone to guess. This adds an extra layer of security as a hacker would face trouble guessing both your password and your username instead of just your password.

Mix Words Tool: How does it work?

Our tool is incredibly simple to use. The first step is to enter two words in the two text boxes. You can put in any words you want, but they will both need to be more than three characters in length and only include letters — no numbers or punctuation.

Once you’ve entered a word into each textbox, hit the GENERATE button. This will trigger our server to process your words and create anywhere from a few to hundreds of possible usernames that mix the words together.

Depending on your entered words, our tool's usernames could be gibberish or actual words. Generally, you want to avoid any real words and use gibberish ones, as they will be more difficult to guess.

If you spot a username that works for you, hit the COPY button to save it to your clipboard. However, if a few look good and you can’t decide right away, hit the STAR button next to each of your favorites. This saves those examples to a list. You can see the list by hitting the SAVED IDEAS button.

Keep in mind that your list won’t disappear if you do a new search. So feel free to perform as many searches as needed to get a robust list.

When ready, hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then hit the DOWNLOAD button. Now you have a text file with all your ideas. Conversely, you could hit the DELETE ALL button to erase your list and start again.