Nickname Finder

Enter your name and the generator will come up with nicknames based on it

How it works

Use this free nickname finder to quickly generate dozens of potential nicknames based on your own name. Instead of your own name, you could enter a relative’s, a friend’s, or even a fictional character’s.

This tool can also be used for creating other things besides nicknames. You can use the nicknames as gamertags, usernames, pet names, and more. This tool is 100% free to use, so feel free to generate as many names as you like.

How to use this free nickname finder

The first step is to enter a name into the box that says, “Enter your name here.” You can enter any name or word you want, but it must include only Latin letters and be between 2 and 20 characters in length. Once you’ve entered your name, hit the GENERATE button.

Instantly, our server will create multiple unique nicknames based on the name you entered. Some of the nicknames will use the letters of the original name, while others will use phonetics and grammar to create truly interesting words.

Some words will create dozens of nicknames, while others will have just a few. If you see a lot of names, you can scroll through them using the “<” and “>” buttons.

If you spot a cool nickname, you can hit the COPY button. This copies the name to your clipboard, so you can paste it somewhere. If you spot multiple names you like, hit the STAR button to copy it to your SAVED IDEAS list.

You can feel free to generate even more nicknames after adding some to your list. Your list will stay saved even if you generate new names or leave the page.

Once you’ve saved a bunch of names, hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then hit the DOWNLOAD button. Now you have a text file with all your saved nicknames.

The DELETE ALL button will clear your list so you can generate even more nicknames!