Pen Name Generator

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Joan Montford(f)
Selma Cartlidge(f)
Linde Schickling(f)
Damone Savino(m)
Gideon Naus(m)
Isabel Graper(f)
Lilibeth Itkin(f)
Massimo Varvaro(m)
Madeleine Piersall(f)
Ginny Monday(f)
Adriana Sollitto(f)
Neal Garrison(m)
Jody Vigeant(f)
Adelia Alcala(f)
Dorine Kandel(f)
Arrington Algood(m)
Anita Tranbarger(f)
Leonardo Raposa(m)
Johann Knepp(m)
Ezra Rudman(m)
Elisabet Jopp(f)
Remo Donson(m)
Aramis Chavanne(m)
Agapito Beretta(m)

How it works

Are you looking for a good pen name? A pen name — also known as a pseudonym — is a fake name an author creates to hide their true identity. Coming up with a pseudonym can be tricky, but our pen name generator does all the work for you!

Why would you even want a pen name? We see authors do this for all sorts of reasons. Some have birth names that are too close to existing authors or celebrities. Some authors use a pseudonym to write pieces that are different from the ones they are traditionally known for. Others just want to have a cool-sounding name.

Whatever your reason, our pseudonym tool can help you come up with as many new names as you like for free.

How does the pen name generator work?

First, you’ll need to enter some basic information about the kind of name you’re looking to create. Start by putting in a preferred gender. If you don’t care about a gendered name, you can just leave this dropdown on the “Any gender” setting. Next, select an origin. Once again, if you don’t care about the origin of the name, don’t touch this setting.

Once you have selected your options, hit the GENERATE button. This will create 24 names using the information you’ve entered.

If you spot a name that works for you, hit the COPY button next to that pen name. Now you can paste it wherever you choose.

The first two dozen options our tool creates sometimes don’t work for you. In that case, hit the GENERATE MORE button. This creates another 24 pen names. As you go through them, use the STAR button to save names you think might be good.

If you want to check out your saved list, hit the SAVED IDEAS button. You can then hit the DOWNLOAD button to nab a text file with all your saved names or hit the DELETE ALL button to start over again.

You can feel free to generate another set of names, alter your settings, or hit the GENERATE MORE button as much as you like. Doing so will not affect your SAVED IDEAS list.