Team Name Generator

This generator will provide a large set of options for the name of your team for any word

How it works

Our easy-to-use team name generator will create a unique name for your group based on a keyword.

Whether you’re creating a team for bar trivia, a work event, a bridal party, or any other reason, coming up with a fun name can be tricky. This free online tool, however, does all the work for you by creating multiple team names from which to choose.

How to use this free team name generator

To begin, you’ll want to feed our team name tool a keyword. This can be the name of the team’s leader, your location, the name of your place of business, or just a random silly word. The only limits are that it must be between two and 20 characters with no spaces, punctuation, or other non-Latin characters. Enter the keyword in the box and then hit the GENERATE button.

You’ll then see two dozen potential team names that incorporate your keyword. Scan through them and see if there’s one you like. If so, you can copy it by hitting the COPY button. Use your system’s paste shortcut to put it wherever needed.

If you don’t see a good team name, hit the GENERATE MORE button. That will pull in another two dozen names. You can do this as many times as needed since our server will create thousands of team names.

Have you spotted a few you like? Hit the STAR button next to each of them to save them to your list. You can see this list at any time by hitting the SAVED IDEAS button. You can save as many names here as you wish. Don’t worry: the list won’t disappear if you load more names or even enter a new keyword.

Once you have a list you think is complete, hit the SAVED IDEAS button and then hit DOWNLOAD. This nets you a text file with all your generated team names.

Not done yet? Hit SAVED IDEAS and then DELETE ALL to start over from scratch. Feel free to use this tool as much as you like because it’s 100% free!